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The items in the Specials page represent manufacturing overruns and surplus stock which have accumulated in our warehouse over the past few months. Quantities vary and we can't guarantee supply, even if the items remains listed on this site, as once they've sold out, they're gone forever!

Minimum Specials order value is $125.00 (prices exclude GST and Freight costs). Purchased items can also be collected from our warehouse in Oakleigh.

For a freight quote, email info@bagmasters.com.au



Heavy Duty Mail Bags

Product: BMPS 2
Product Code: 1-117 BMPS2 350 290 BM
Dimensions: 290mmW x 350mmL + 50mm flap
Carton Quantity: 200
Price: $58.00 per carton + GST

Product: BMPS 3
Product Code: 1-117 BMPS3 405 320 BM
Dimensions: 320mmW x 405mmL + 50mm flap
Carton Quantity: 100
Price: $39.00 per carton + GST

Product: BMPS 4
Product Code: 1-117 BMPS4 480 380 BM
Dimensions: 380mmW x 480mmL + 50mm flap
Carton Quantity: 100
Price: $49.00 per carton + GST


padded mail satchels


Padded Satchel

Product: Padded satchel

Code: 1-102-124-350-300-SL-B (Blue)

Dimensions: 35cm wide x 30cm high

Colours: Blue PVC and nylon lining

Window: external access

Price: $11.55/unit + GST

padded satchel

Locked Satchel (medium)

Product: Locked satchel (medium) with keyed different locks

Code: 1-102-107-200-200-BLK (Black)

Fabric: Nylotop

Dimensions: 20cm wide x 20cm high

Price: $21.90/unit + GST

Night safe wallet

Cylinder Bag with Handles and Shoulder Strap

Product: Cylinder bag with tube and lined

Code: 1-102-178-CYL-SM-BLK (black)

Dimensions: 107cm long x 10cm diameter

Colour: Black

Price: $24.00/unit + GST

Cylinder bag
Cylinder bag

Top Zip Satchel

Product: Top zip satchel

Code: 1-102-106-380-300-BLK

Dimensions: 38cm wide x 30cm high

Colours: Black Nylon

Price: $4.95/unit + GST

Top zip satchel

Über Platz Laptop Bag

Product code: 130 UB PL
Dimensions: 42cm wide x 39cm high x 15cm gusset (depth)
Colour: Black
Fabric: High-tech microfibre sheen

Handles: Yes (two)
Reinforced base: Yes
Internal compartments: Internal divider
Internal pockets: One
Utility pouch for cables: Yes
Padded computer satchel: Removable black quilted satchel (accepts up to 15" laptops)
Padded miscellaneous satchel: Can be used for overnight personal effects
Padded bag: Yes
Trolley pocket: Yes

Special Price: $25.00/unit + GST


Product: Travel Bag (Black)

Product Code: 126 RDB B

Dimensions: 70cm wide x 30cm high x 30cm gusset (depth)

Security Device: Security Seal

Wheels with Handle: Yes

Price: $65/unit + GST


Product: A4 Satchel

Dimensions: 35cm wide x 30cm high

Colours: White only

Price: $6.50/unit + GST


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