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New Products


Product Branding Service


Bagmasters offers an inhouse branding service for our food delivery bags, including our new range of small and medium Backpack Food Delivery Bags (Lite),  using High Resolution Thermal Transfers for detailed and intricate Logo designs. Embroidery and screen Printing of a select range of products is also available. Please contact us for a quote.


Jet Black Bagmasters Satchels


Bagmasters Jet Black satchels are produced from very tuff 3 layer high impact black polyethylene substrate which is 100% opaque with a permanent peel and seal closure for extra security. We can custom make and print pretty much any size courier satchel from as little as 1,000 bags. Email or phone Bagmasters with your enquiry today.

Food Delivery Bags

Large 6 Box Pizza bag
Large Backpack Food Delivery Bag
XLarge Box Pizza Bag
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Padded Mailers with custom banners

NEW! The new range of  padded mailers look great with white or coloured labelling. Protective Padded Mailers are the versatile pack and post solution for any business requiring an easy packaging solution. 

These new customised Mailer bags come printed in up to 3 colour print in 48mm or 72mm wide banner with your own logo or message.


New Side Opening Padded Mailers

The new range of Matt Black and White padded mailers look great with white or coloured labelling, offer 100% block out to ensure privacy and discretion in transit. Protective Padded Mailers are the versatile pack and post solution for any business requiring an easy packaging solution. 

These mailers have the opening on the longest side and are often referred to as side opening padded mailers, and are specifically designed for bulkier items, such as books or packets.



Discreet protection for transporting your most valuable items and documents.

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We have a range of shopping bags available in plastic, laminated paper and kraft paper with print options to promote your business.

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shopping bags shopping bags shopping bags shopping bags

Hazibags group

Hazardous materials bags are a new flexible intermediate bulk container that comply with UN recommendations for the transport and containment of "Packing Group 111" solid dangerous goods.


  • Double stitched and welded seams
  • Inner lining protects from exposure
  • Security sealable
  • Lifting loops to four points
  • Made from tough Grade 5 Polypropylene

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Padded Mail Bags

Tough and strong padded mail bags offer maximum protection for your items when in transit. Manufactured from recyclable material.


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padded mail satchels

Large Catering Bag

Our large catering bag is the only one of its kind and is ideal for transportation of food, or pizza delivery. The optional five shelf internal wire rack is for stacking and improved shape retention. The rack is designed to prevent crushing of pizza boxes or food in transit.

For more information on the large catering bag, please click here

Large Catering Bag

3-Box Pizza Bag with Rack

Our Heavy Duty pizza transport bag is made from hard wearing Kodra, (1000D Nylon) for maximum durability and heat retention. Wrap around straps and Velcro flap ensure that pizzas are securely delivered to their destination.

Above: Optional 3-shelf wire rack

For more information on the 3 box pizza bag, please click here

pizza bag

Locked Products

Used by financial institutions across the world for over 70 years, these Locked Products are the ideal product to store and transport coin, currency, cheques and valuable documents. Many businesses including hotels, schools, restaurants, delivery services, government offices and professional firms ... in fact, any operations which handle cash, currency or valuable papers ... choose locked products for their internal cash and document protection.

To view information on the NEW range of locked products please click here

Directors porrtfolio
Directors Folio Bag


small locked satchel
Locked Satchel


Collapsible Transport Bag
Collapsible Transport Bag

Plastic Mail Bags

Multipurpose plain plastic mail bags are available in 6 standard stock sizes

To view information on the range of plastic mail bags please click here

One time use satchel

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